Midget  & Sprite Owners Workshop Manual         R G O Hawes
Haynes Publishing Group      ISBN  0-85696-588-X          242 pages

Typical Haynes manual, essential,  get 2, one for reference, the other to get grubby!

Spritely Years     John Sprinzel
Patrick Stephens Limited    ISBN  1-85260-498-0      236 pages

The John Sprinzel story covering his  rallies, cars, etc  (PMO 200s in abundance!)  A good read.

BMC 'A' Series Tuning Manual     J.H.Haynes
Motorists' Bookshop                                    122 pages

Probably no longer in print.  Provides details on head mods, compression ratios, lightening etc. a lightweight for-runner of the Vizard book.

Tuning BL's A-Series Engine    David Vizard
Haynes Publishing Group    ISBN  0-85429-414-7  436 pages

The A-series engine tuners bible. Details all aspects of engine tuning. Excellent.

BMC Light Sports Cars    P.Olyslager
Thomas Nelson& Sons                              91 pages

Probably no longer in print. A Sprite Handbook containing general info, service and light repair data. Not a book to be used in the garage, but a nice period handbook.

Sprite Mark 1 Workshop Manual
Brooklands Books      ISBN  1-85520-1275   

Reprint of the original BMC Workshop Manual.