The drivers footwell, partway done. The front bulkhead was made from sheet steel (a nice easy flat panel). The remains of the floor pan were cut out up to the edge of the transmission tunnel. After attaching several angle iron braces across the car the top hat sections making the cross member and rail leading back to the rear spring hanger were cut out. Replacements were purchased from Moss and MIG welded in place. Then  the inner and outer sills were removed and replaced with new parts.

The angled foot boards, making a triangular box section across the base of the footwells were made and fitted much later, when the car was turned over to gain better access to fit new floor panels.

A simple trolley/frame fabricated from scaffold pipe, made moving the Sprite in and out of the garage very easy.

The whole wheelarch assy was removed to give access to the footwell front panel. This  front panel was replaced before removing the side panel and sill to give maximum number of  reference points  for refitting.

A later Sprite wheelarch assy was modified with a turned in edge, fitted after new side panel and sill. A spot welder was used for the majority of welds in this area.

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