Reference Photographs

The following photographs can be downloaded as separate files (approx 80K bytes each) by left clicking over the required photo. These have far greater resolution than the thumbnails shown here.

int20.JPG (9238 bytes) Interior shots of David Whyley's  Sprite, becoming quite a celebrity,  seen here at NEC Birmingham, has also featured in 'Original Sprite & Midget' book, and Practical Classics magazine.
Note the original steering wheel, unique to the Sprite and now quite rare.
New body shells are available, Wheeler & Davies (UK) can supply shells in various stages of finish. bon20.jpg (6244 bytes)
int220.JPG (9646 bytes) A W&D complete chassis less outer panels. chas20.jpg (8103 bytes)
air20.jpg (9549 bytes) Under bonnet shots of the same car, the 1 1/8" SU carburettors with their brass tops and the Coopers pancake air filters are rare early Sprite parts.
The tandem (or is it siamese) clutch and brake master cylinders seen here were also used on the MGA, again hard to find and expensive in usable condition.
Some later Sprite panels are used in the W&D construction. The floor pans and boot floor appear to be later types. und20.jpg (6987 bytes)
clut20.jpg (8650 bytes) Shows basically how the rear inner bulkhead should meet the inner wheel arch and chassis rail. Note, the spring box cover plate is normally bolted through to the spring box with 6 bolts. spr20.jpg (5246 bytes)