613 CFK  as purchased in Sept 1992

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Only one passenger seat-pan had survived!

613 CFK was purchased in Sept 1992 from a small restoration business in Sheffield. The car was being sold on behalf of its owner, who had either lost interest, or could not find sufficient funds for the considerable work required.
The car had been stored for many years (probably more than 15, since it had not been registered with Swansea which should have occurred in 1975) in an earthen floored garage, hence the damp had almost destroyed the lower 3 inches of the car. However it was near complete with most the outer panels (including steel bonnet) and mechanicals appearing to be serviceable.  Parts that were missing or not original included the Rev counter and its gearbox, dynamo, steering wheel,  and Coopers air filters, all parts known to be very rare to all Frogeye owners!

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